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Blu-ray to DVD Pro 2.90

Copy Blu-ray movies to DVD or AVCHD with a single click
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Blu-ray to DVD Pro is a useful application which allows users to convert Blu-Ray movies to DVD format. The program also has a capability of compressing the movie to DVD-5 or DVD-9. Plus it also decrypts, converts, and copies the movie to the hard drive or burns it directly to disc.
With a friendly-user interface there is no complexity; Blu-ray to DVD Pro is easy to use. Users just have to insert the Blu-Ray movie, setup the desired options, and burn.
The program compression engine is amazing, for only two DVD-5 discs are required to convert a Blu-Ray movie. In addition, the program is capable of decrypting and removing any protections and region codes to increase player compatibility.
The AVCHD mode enables users to copy movies into a high quality DVD obtaining the same Blu-Ray quality. On the downside of keeping a HD quality, is the fact that six blank DVD-9s or twelve DVD-5s are needed.
Unfortunately, there aren’t many options such as removing menus or federal warnings, still the program is simple and fast; a good option to convert movies, of course a Blu-Ray drive is required.

Max Santillana
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  • Copies Blu-Ray to DVD
  • Allows choosing what to keep from the movie
  • Copies movies into a high quality DVD
  • Copies to hard drive


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